Juan Ardenti (born in1974) has been one of the most promising figurative painters of the last Venezuelan artistic scene, born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Ardenti inclined from very young by the drawing of the portrait, showing much dominion in its realization, but the cient of its plastic and pictorial capacity is the use of a varied palette that includes pure colors, primary and fluorescent. Ability is the result of years of experience as a graphic designer and his early fondness for the art of graffiti and street art, which often let him drain his teenager ideas with satirical messages against corrupt policies in the Venezuelan government, messages that filled the walls of his reality in the 90s.

At seventeen he decided to continue developing his artistic skills in a National Institute of Training and Education (INCE)in Maracaibo, studying  "Drawing applied to the graphic arts" , a workshop that opens the world of communication possibilities in his recent career and awakens in the art of his interest in graphic design.

After a year working informally as a graphic artist in exclusive designs for flannels and posters in a local store, Ardenti decided to study graphic arts formally for three years at the Rafael Belloso Chacín technological institute in Maracaibo and in parallel at the school of Fine arts  "Neptalí Rincón" on the same city. This is how the artist began a period of experimentation and fusion with art and design with works that has been inspired ranging from the kinetic of "Cruz Diez" to the irreverent pop of "Andy Warhol" selling his first artwork to family and friends.
In 1997, economic crisis and the need for a more stable salary oblige the artist to be absent from the acrylic palette to work with a more digital palette and to act as head of design and layout in several advertising agencies and national circulation magazines. Even his experience leads him to venture since 2006 in the field of art education and design. Studying pedagogy in art, in the "Monseñor Arias Blanco Pedagogical Institute", obtaining a degree in pedagogy.

Since 2005 Ardenti divides his time as an educator, artist and designer, having already taken up the arts as the main trade. Ardenti returns to the studio with new ideas integrating the use of wood as a canvas for his palette of colors, participating in different art and design salons and biennials.

 In 2006, he received an Honorable Mention in the Second Regional Salon of Young Artists of the Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia. In 2010 Academic Recognition of the Academic Vice-Rector of the University of Zulia. 
And in 2013 he obtained the first place in the 3 Editorial Design Biennial of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the University of Zulia. Since 2015, the artist Juan Ardenti 
has devoted himself entirely to his career as a plastic artist participating in different solo and group exhibitions in Maracaibo and in the city of Houston where he is also a member of the Houston Art league.

Since 2016 He has been teaching Painting and drawing in Julio Arraga school of fine arts in Maracaibo Venezuela, while creating some new art pieces for several Art Galleries in the City. Now days Ardenti is visiting Houston Tx for some months looking forward to present his new Collection in the United States.

“Cada retrato tiene su emocion, un color que lo envuelve y cuenta su historia yo solo soy un narrador ocasional". 

Juan C. Ardenti

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